Athletic Club Bilbao Uses Spreadsheet to Track Gambling

Athletic Club Bilbao Uses Spreadsheet to Track Gambling

Compared to the traditional methods of bookkeeping, Athletic Club Bilbao decided to use a computerized spreadsheet program to keep track of all their gambling activities in an attempt to more efficiently manage their funds and better monitor suspicious behavior.

This new system is designed to record every wager made by club members, as well as keep track of winnings and losses. The spreadsheet will also monitor each bettor’s history and remind them of how much money they have left to gamble with.

The Athletic Club Bilbao board voted unanimously in favor of this new system, which is seen as a more modern and efficient way of managing the club’s finances. Head bookkeeper Roberto Merino commented on the decision, saying that “the club can now account for each euro we spend on gambling and make sure that no one is abusing our systems.”

This new system has been met with some criticism, however, as some fans feel that it removes some of the fun and excitement from gambling. Nevertheless, the majority of Athletic Club Bilbao supporters seem to be in favor of this change, which is seen as a positive step towards improving the club’s financial stability.

Athletic Club Bilbao Aims to Stop Gambling with Spreadsheet

Athletic Bilbao’s club president, Josu Urrutia, kicked off the team’s preseason this week with a clear message to his players: gambling will not be tolerated. The La Liga squad’s preparations for the new season were thrust into the spotlight on Monday when Urrutia revealed that the club will be using a spreadsheet to monitor players’ betting activity.

Urrutia announced the measure in an attempt to crackdown on any potential gambling-related incidents involving his players. The Athletic Club president also warned that any player caught breaking the rules would face severe sanctions, including possible expulsion from the team.

Urrutia’s announcement comes in the wake of several high-profile cases of match-fixing and illegal gambling across Europe. In March, Spanish authorities arrested 43 people as part of a widespread investigation into match-fixing in Spanish football. The probe, which is still ongoing, has already led to the arrests of several high-profile players and coaches, including former Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas.

It is not yet clear how Bilbao’s new anti-gambling measures will be enforced, but Urrutia promised that the club will have “a system in place where we can keep track of all our players’ movements and betting activities 24 hours a day.”

Bilbao isn’t the only team taking a hard line against gambling this preseason. Earlier this month, French club Stade Rennais announced that it was introducing a similar anti-gambling policy for its players. Like Athletic Bilbao, Rennais plans to use a dedicated spreadsheet to monitor its players’ betting activity.

The move by Rennais and Bilbao comes amid heightened scrutiny of gambling in football across Europe. In May, UEFA introduced new regulations aimed at preventing match-fixing and Illegal gambling in European football. The new regulations prohibit any betting on football matches by anyone connected to the game, including players, coaches, referees, and club staff.

Athletic Club Bilbao Starts Tracking Gambling in Spreadsheet

Athletic Club Bilbao, a Spanish football club, has started tracking gambling in a spreadsheet. The decision was made after the club’s president, Josu Urrutia, noticed an increase in gambling-related problems among its players.

Urrutia said that he had been discussing the issue with the team’s coaching staff and doctors for some time before deciding to start tracking gambling.

Gambling addiction can be a serious problem, and it is often difficult to detect. Athletic Club Bilbao’s decision to track gambling in a spreadsheet is a good way to identify players who may be struggling with a gambling addiction.

The club plans to share the information collected in the spreadsheet with the players and their families. This will help families to better understand the dangers of gambling addiction and how to get help for their loved ones if needed.

Gambling addiction can have devastating consequences both for individuals and their families. Athletic Club Bilbao’s decision to start tracking gambling is a positive step towards preventing these consequences.

Athletic Club Bilbao Gets Serious About Tracking Gambling

Athletic Bilbao is one of the most successful clubs in Spanish football, with a rich history that includes 82 major trophies. The club is also one of the more traditional clubs in Europe, but it has been making some changes in recent years as it looks to stay competitive. One of the latest changes has been a focus on tracking gambling among its players.

The Athletic Bilbao leadership understands that gambling can be a major problem for athletes, and they want to do everything they can to help their players avoid any potential issues. In addition to tracking gambling, the club is also educating players about the dangers of gambling and providing them with resources if they develop a problem.

This focus on gambling is part of a larger effort by Athletic Bilbao to create a healthier and more productive culture at the club. Other recent changes include upgraded facilities, new training programs, and an increased emphasis on nutrition. All of these changes are aimed at helping the club compete at the highest level while also keeping its players healthy and out of trouble.

Athletic Bilbao is not the only club that is focused on gambling prevention, but it may be one of the most aggressive in terms of tracking and addressing potential problems. Other clubs are likely to follow its lead in this area in order to stay competitive and protect their players.

Athletic Club Bilbao Turns to Spreadsheet to Combat Gambling

Athletic Club Bilbao is a professional football club in the Basque Country, Spain. The club has been around since 1898, and has a rich history in Spanish football.

In recent years, however, Athletic Club Bilbao has been struggling on the field. The team finished 13th in La Liga last season, and is currently in the relegation zone this season.

Off the field, Athletic Club Bilbao has been dealing with a different issue: gambling. In 2017, the club fined five players for placing bets on games. And in January of this year, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) fined Athletic Club Bilbao €200,000 for its role in a match-fixing scandal.

To combat gambling and help improve its performance on the field, Athletic Club Bilbao is turning to a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is a matrix that tracks how many minutes each player spends on the pitch, how many cards they receive, and how many goals they score. The goal is to use this data to help coach Eduardo Berizzo make better decisions about who to play and when.

“The spreadsheet will give us objective information about what’s happening with players on the pitch so that we can make decisions that are better for the team,” said Berizzo.

It’s still early days for the spreadsheet at Athletic Club Bilbao - the team has only played six matches with the new tool - but there are already some promising results. In their most recent match against Celta Vigo, midfielder Ander Iturraspe was benched after picking up two yellow cards in his previous three appearances. And striker Iñaki Williams came off the bench to score a late winner for Athletic Club Bilbao.

The spreadsheet is not a cure-all for Athletic Club Bilbao’s problems, but it is an important tool that can help the club improve its performance on and off the field.